Now in its 46th year, the UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology (GGE) is the largest and most comprehensive ecology graduate training group of its kind. Offering unparalleled diversity and depth in course work and research opportunities, the group is recognized as a center for academic and training excellence. The group's diverse and dynamic collection of 180 students and 130 faculty come from 24 different departments/ units on campus.  Offering both Master's and Ph.D. degrees, the Graduate Group is organized into nine areas of emphasis that include both basic and applied ecology. The GGE defines ecology broadly to span scales from genes to landscapes and explicitly includes human ecology and policy. GGE members become the professionals best trained to protect our natural resources. They strive to develop basic ecological theory as well as work with resource management agencies to help solve ecological problems.

Boasting over 1200 alumni, GGE graduates are continuing this tradition of excellence in over 85 universities worldwide. These institutions include more than 20 community colleges, colleges and universities in California and nearly as many international universities. GGE graduates are found on the staffs of virtually every natural resource managing agency in the federal government (Fish and Wildlife, Forest Service, Geological Survey, NOAA Fisheries, National Parks, EPA, and others), the California state government (Fish and Wildlife, Water Resources, Air Resources, Food and Agriculture, EPA, Energy Commission, etc), private conservation organizations (Nature Conservancy, etc.) and innumerable environmental consulting and biotech companies.

7th Annual Graduate Student Symposium in Ecology

Symposium chairs Grace Ha, James Farlin, and Katie Eskra would like to send a great big thanks to the Davis community for making the Ecology Symposium a success!
Over 100 people attended, including undergraduates, staff, faculty, graduate students from twelve different graduate groups, and members from the general public. Overall, it was a great day of food, nature art and photography, and scientific discourse with our distinguished guest, Dr. Mark Bertness. Most importantly, we had student talks and poster presentations that illustrated the exciting and innovative graduate student research that is happening right here at UC Davis. You can read more about the day here.
Please join us in congratulating the following people:
Best Talk:
Matt Savoca, “Marine plastic debris as an olfactory trap for procellariiform seabirds”
Best Poster:
Dave Harris, “Predicting species composition when environmental drivers are missing”
Best Photo:
Mary Clapp
Best Artwork (Tie):
Rosemary Hartman
Allison Simler

P.S. Photo submissions from the Symposium are viewable on Facebook! Just search for "The UC Davis EGSA Graduate Student Symposium" and click on "Photos".

40th Anniversary Alumni Survey

We are making a special effort to reconnect with all of our alumni and would enjoy hearing from you! Please complete our alumni survey (pdf) and catch up on the latest alumni news.  To see results of the survey so far, click here.