Integrative Ecology

Ed Caswell-Chen, Chair

Ecology has increasingly expanded in scope, encompassing a range of both theoretical and applied topics. Ecology also has become increasingly interdisciplinary, as the physical, biological, and social sciences become inter-linked in research and program development which together seek to define the nature of ecological systems and to find workable solutions for their protection and management.

The other areas of emphasis in the Graduate Group in Ecology represent defined interests in a subset of the purview of ecology. Integrative Ecology is the Individualized Program in the Graduate Group in Ecology. Here students with interests that are either focused on basic or theoretical aspects of ecology, or on integration of inquiry across various scales or disciplines can develop a program of study that best fits their needs.

Students enrolled in Integrative Ecology develop a program of study that reflects their own interests and research focus. The Master Advisor in Integrative Ecology will assist you in assembling a guidance committee that will help you develop a program that is appropriate for your educational objectives.