Programs & Courses

Areas of Emphasis

The Graduate Group in Ecology is organized into nine Areas of Emphasis (AOE). Each student is required to select a single AOE for their program of study. Each faculty member must choose one primary AOE. Faculty also have the option of selecting other associated AOE's.

Field Courses

Graduate students are required to complete a field course as part of their program of study. The list provided here is not exhaustive, but gives a sample of institutions that offer field courses.


The GGE organizes two types of seminars: 1) ECL 296 which is a guest seminar series offered each quarter, and 2) ECL 290 which is a student participatory seminar. ECL 290's will vary from quarter to quarter. This list will be updated quarterly. In addition, a variety of other departmental seminar series are listed here.

Conservation Management

The Conservation Management Program is a graduate training curriculum within the GGE focused on training conservation biologists and social scientists seeking professions outside of academic institutions on issues related to the conservation of biological diversity.

Organism-Environment Interactions

The Organism-Environment Interactions Program targets students’ needs and interests to use rapidly emerging molecular technology to tackle the most pressing issues related to how organisms respond to predictable and unpredictable environmental change. Sustaining our natural resources depends on understanding physiological mechanisms driving organism-environment interactions.