Ecology 290: Seminar in Ecology

1-4 Units, Offered Each Quarter
Course Instructor: Staff, Graduate Group in Ecology

1. Course format: Study of selected topics in relevant research in Ecology. Reading and discussion of the primary literature.

2. Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor.

3. Text used: Selections from the primary literature.

4. Mode of grading: Grading will be Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. Students are required to present an oral seminar on a particular aspect of the general topic under consideration to receive credit for the course.

5. Topical outline: Topics will include, but are not limited to: Agricultural Ecology, Conservation Ecology, Ecosystems and Landscape Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Environmental Policy Analysis, Functional Ecology, Human Ecology, Integrative Ecology, and Restoration Ecology.

Revised: October 2000

Registrar's Ecology Course Descriptions