Ecology 230: Analysis of a Selected Ecosystem

2 Units, Offered Fall Quarter
Course Instructor: R. Dahlgren, Land, Air and Water Resources

1. Course format: One hour per week - attendance at a seminar with guest speakers; one hour per week in a discussion section. To introduce students to diverse ecosystems through a series of seminars, to teach students about ecosystem processes, and to provide a format for students to evaluate critically ecosystem research.

2. Prerequisites: No prerequisites.

3. Text used: Varies for each quarter.

4. Mode of grading: Letter grading.

5. Topical outline: Outline varies with the particular ecosystem being studied. In general, the course consists of an introductory lecture with an overview of the ecosystem. Subsequent lectures then focus on various ecosystem processes in a particular type of ecosystem. The final 1-2 lectures contrast Californian ecosystems with other U.S. ecosystems of the same type.

Registrar's Ecology Course Descriptions