Areas of Emphasis

Modern ecology is a large and exceptionally diverse field of study. While ecology originated as a subdiscipline in the biological sciences, the modern sense of ecology includes humans and human institutions, environmental management, and other elements that have increasingly extended the perspective of ecology into complex systems. Over the years, the Graduate Group in Ecology (GGE) at the University of California, Davis has evolved to create opportunities for students to experience the breadth of the field. Encompassing so much breadth carries the real danger of training that is too shallow.

The GGE has responded to the challenge by creating special interest groups called Areas of Emphasis (AOE). Ecology AOE's permit you to experience the breadth of ecology while concentrating upon the acquisition of the special skills you will need to be current in your field and competitive in the job market. Selection of an AOE by potential students is important because admission to the GGE will be evaluated by a faculty committee in your chosen AOE.

Potential students should study the requirements and emphasis of each of the AOE's (see left sidebar) carefully so that you can select the one that best matches your interests. Following selection of an appropriate AOE, potential students should also study the list of ecology faculty. You will be required to have a major professor to gain admission to the GGE, and the first step to finding a major professor is identifying GGE faculty members who share your research interests.