Areas of Emphasis Chairs, Advisers and Student Representatives

Agricultural Ecology

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Ermias Kebreab, Chair/Advisor; Animal Science, 530-752-5907

Neal Williams, Chair/Advisor; Entomology, 530-752-9358

Conservation Ecology

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Brian Todd, Chair; Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology, 530-752-1140

Peter Moyle, Adviser; Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology, 530-752-6355

Eliska Rejmankova, Adviser; Environmental Science & Policy, 530-752-5433

Arthur M. Shapiro, Adviser; Evolution and Ecology, 530-752-2176

Ecological Genomics and Genetics

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Marie Jasieniuk, Chair; Plant Sciences, 530-752-8166

Andrew Whitehead, Chair/Adviser; Environmental Toxicology, 530-754-8982

Michael Miller, Adviser; Animal Science, 530-304-4719

Ben Sacks, Adviser; Population Health and Reproduction, 530-754-9088

Jeff Ross-Ibarra; Plant Sciences, 530-752-1152

Ecosystems and Landscape

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Andrew Latimer, Chair; Plant Sciences, 530-752-0896

Allie Weill, Student Representative

Ecotoxicology/Physiological Ecology

(NOTE: Ecotoxicology and Physiological Ecology will be merging)

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Kyaw Tha Paw U, Interim Adviser, 530-752-1510


Environmental Policy & Human Ecology

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Richard McElreath, Chair; Anthropology, 530-752-2660

Mark Lubell, Adviser; Environmental Science & Policy, 530-752-5880

Mike Springborn, Adviser; Environmental Science & Policy, 530-752-5244

Jim Sanchirico, Adviser; Environmental Science & Policy, 530-754-9883

Integrative Ecology

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Ed Caswell-Chen, Chair; Nematology, 530-752-3659

Richard "Rick" Karban, Adviser; Entomology, 530-752-2800

Marine Ecology

Gabrielle Nevitt, Chair; Nuerobiology, Physiology and Behavior, 530-752-5929

Louis "Loo" Botsford, Adviser; Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology, 530-752-6169

Physiological Ecology

(NOTE: Ecotoxicology and Physiological Ecology will be merging)


Restoration Ecology

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Truman P. Young, Chair; Plant Sciences, 530-754-9925

Valerie Eviner, Adviser; Plant Sciences, 530-752-8538

Area of Emphasis

Student Representatives

Ecosystems & Landscape  
Environmental Policy & Human Ecology