Committee Members 2014-15

Executive Committee
Committee Member Department Phone
Ted Grosholz, Chair Environmental Science and Policy (530) 752-9151
Emilio Laca, Vice Chair Agronomy and Range Science (530) 754-4083
Loo Botsford Wildlife Fish and Conservation Biology (530) 752-6169
Janet Foley VM: Medicine and Epidemiology (530) 754-9740
Brian Gaylord Evolution & Ecology (530) 875-1940
Andrew Whitehead Environmental Toxicology (530) 754-8982
Walter Oechel, JDPE Representative Biology (619) 594-4818
Katie Eskra, EGSA Plant Sciences  
Allison Simler, EGSA Plant Pathology  
Admissions Committee
Committee Member EGSA Representative
Emilio Laca  
Committee Member
Bernie May
bpmay(at)ucdavis(dot)edu (530) 754-8123
Awards Committee
Committee Member Department Phone
Richard Evans, Chair Plant Sciences (530) 752-6617
Mark Lubell Environmental Science & Policy (530) 752-8898
Valerie Eviner Plant Sciences (530) 752-8538
EGSA Representatives: Kelly Gravuer
Matt Whalen
Ecology Graduate Student Association (EGSA)
Position Name
Co-Chairs Madeline Gottlieb, John Mola, Matt Williamson
EGSA Synposium Katie Eskra, James Farlin & Grace Ha
GSA Representatives  
Happy Hour Kate Ingram & Jackie Aliperti
Mardi Gras Katie Smith
Treasurer Caroline Carter Wright Larsen