Conservation NGO's

Nongovernmental organizations provide much needed resources and manpower to the task of conserving earth's biological diversity. Below are a collection of our recent alumni who are making a difference in conservation by working for NGO's.  Click on their names to read more about their positions.

Vickie Bakker, Class of 2003; Currently: David H. Smith Fellow, TNC, UCSB

Doria Gordon, Class of 1989: Currently: The Nature Conservancy, Florida

Lara J. Hansen, Class of 1998; Currenlty: WWF Climate Change Progamme

Christopher Holmes,  Class of 2003; Currenlty: Wildlife Conservation Society

Ken Kriese, Class of 2004; Currenlty: Ducks Unlimited, Inc.

Eric Sanderson, Class of 1998; Currenlty: Wildlife Conservation Society