Faculty Information

NameErmias Kebreab
Office2111 Meyer Hall
DepartmentAnimal Science
WebsiteWeb Link
EducationPh.D. University of Reading, UK 1998
Research InterestsSustainable agriculture, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and establishing nutrient requirements in farm animals.
Areas of EmphasisIntegrative Ecology
Research AbstractMy research is focused on developing sustainable agriculture based on integrated approaches at the whole farm level that takes into account the animal/plant/soil interactions. I use mathematical models and simulations to investigate how nutritional manipulations impacts greenhouse gas emissions from the animal and the farm. I am also interested in defining nutrient and energy requirements in farm animals and the use of increased feed conversion efficiency to reduce emissions.
Recent PublicationsStrathe, A.B., A. Danfær, A. Chwalibog, H. Sørensen, and E. Kebreab. 2010. A multivariate nonlinear mixed effect method for analyzing energy partition in growing pigs. J. Anim. Sci. 88:2361-2372.
 Bannink, A., M. C. J. Smits, E. Kebreab, J. A. N. Mills, J. Ellis, A. Klop, J. France and J. Dijkstra. 2010. Effects of grassland management and grass ensiling on methane emission by lactating cows. J. Agric. Sci. 148:55-72.
 Kebreab E., J. France, R. P. Kwakkel, S. Leeson, H. Darmani Kuhi and J. Dijkstra. 2009. Development and evaluation of a dynamic model of calcium and phosphorus flows in layers. Poult. Sci. 88:680–689.
Examination TopicsMathematical modeling, climate change
Accepting StudentsNo
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