Faculty Information

NameChristine Kreuder Johnson
OfficeWildlife Health Center
DepartmentSchool of Veterinary Medicine
Research InterestsImpact of ecosystem-level processes on wildlife population health in both marine and terrestrial systems, particularly with regard to applied investigations that can direct and inform policy needed to protect biodiversity and public health. Current activities seek to understand the ecology of infectious diseases emerging at the animal-human interface, and the influence of habitat change, prey availability, and behavior on disease and survival in wild animals.
Areas of EmphasisConservation Ecology
 Conservation ecology and marine ecology
Research Abstract 
Recent PublicationsJohnson, C, MT Tinker, JA Estes, PA Conrad, M Staedler, M Miller, D Jessup, and JK Mazet. 2008. Prey choice and habitat use drive sea otter pathogen exposure in a resource-limited coastal system. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
 Siembieda J, Johnson C, Boyce W, Sandrock C, Cardona C. 2008. Risk of avian influenza virus exposure at the human-wildlife interface. Emerging Infectious Disease 14 (7):1151-1153.
 Gaydos, JK., W A Miller, C Johnson, H Zornetzer, A Melli, SJ Jeffries, MM Lance, and PA Conrad. (2008) Novel and canine genotypes of Giardia duodenalis in Harbor Seals (Phoca vitulina richardsi). Journal of Parasitology.
Examination Topics 
Accepting StudentsNo
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