Faculty Information

NameAndrew Bohonak
OfficeBiology, SDSU
DepartmentBiology, San Diego State University
WebsiteWeb Link
EducationPh.D. Cornell 1998
Research InterestsI am interested in conservation genetics and evolution. Of particular interest are the relationships between life history variation, population history, dispersal and genetic variation. Although I work primarily on freshwater invertebrates, some of my students have worked on other marine and terrestrial animals. Many of the species we work on are endangered or of concern.
Areas of EmphasisEcological Genomics and Genetics
 Conservation Ecology
Research Abstract 
Recent PublicationsVandergast, Bohonak, Weissman and Fisher. 2007. Understanding the genetic effects of recent habitat fragmentation in the context of evolutionary history: phylogeography and landscape genetics of a southern California endemic Jerusalem cricket (Orthoptera: Stenopelmatidae: Stenopelmatus). Molecular Ecology 16: 977.
 Bohonak, Holland, Santer, Zeller, Kearns and Hairston, Jr. 2006. The population genetic consequences of diapause in Eudiaptomus copepods. Archiv für Hydrobiologie 167: 183.
Examination Topicsaquatic ecology (freshwater), evolution, invertebrate biology/ecology (freshwater), molecular ecology, phylogenetics and systematics, population genetics
Accepting StudentsYes
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