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Funding Opportunities:

University Fellowships, GGE Fellowship, and Jastro Research Fellowships

For information on applying to these fellowships, please refer to the fellowship instructions for either Entering or Continuing students. Additional sources of external support are listed below.

Graduate Student Researcher Assistantships

Research assistantships are awarded by individual faculty members from faculty research grants. Traditionally, research assistantships are negotiated with your major professor during the admission process. Registration fees will be covered under the UC Fee Remission program for any research assistantship appointment of 25% or greater. During the application process if a faculty member indicates an interest in sponsoring an applicant, the GGE will ask for any information on funding arrangements that have been made. You should also request this information from your faculty sponsor.

Teaching Assistantships

The Ecology Graduate Group does not award or have access to teaching assistantships. They are awarded by academic departments. You are free to apply for any teaching assistantships hired by individual departments that you feel you are qualified to teach. You should contact departments (listed here) individually to request an application, please note that each department has a different deadline. The GGE office will supply supplemental application information such as: copies of your transcripts, GRE's, letter of recommendation and resume from your admission. If you would like to take advantage of this service, please provide the GGE office with a list of departments that you have applied to. If there are supplemental letters of recommendation that can attest to your teaching background or experience, we highly recommend that you have these included with your TA application.

NOTE: To applicants to the Joint Doctoral Program in Ecology: Applicants to the JDPE program with SDSU do not need to apply for teaching asistantships. JDPE students are in residence at the SDSU campus their first year and are not eligible to hold a UC Davis fellowship.

Other Resources

The Office of Graduate Studies keeps a list of fellowships and grants available to continuing graduate students. You can find out more about these by checking their listing regularly.

The Office of Graduate Studies has just started to post on-campus postdoctoral opportunities. Check this listing regularly if you are interested in finding postdocs with UC Davis investigators.

Atmospheric Aerosols and Health (AAH) Graduate Training Grant: The AAH graduate training grant is designed to prepare students to work in the field of air quality through a combination of interdisciplinary coursework, problem solving and team building activities. Our goal is to use AAH as a recruitment tool to encourage new, incoming students to attend UCD and pursue research in an area related to air quality. However, if space allows, we also consider applications from current UCD students. Please contact Kate Shasky, 530-754-9646, or via e-mail:, website:

Responding to Rapid Environmental Change (REACH) Graduate Training Grant: Applying to the Graduate Group in Ecology (GGE)? Interested in multidisciplinary approaches to environmental problems spanning social and natural sciences? Consider applying to the National Science Foundation-funded REACH IGERT program in addition to GGE. Click here
for more information.

Other useful links of funding sources:

External Fellowship Opportunities
Searchable Databases
Funding Sources for Specific Needs or Interests
Other Resources

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