About our program

A world leader in graduate education in ecology, the GGE attracts some of the world's finest students and faculty to its program. Dedicated, accomplished and talented, GGE members - both students and faculty - work collaboratively in research and training turning out some of the most impressive ecologists working in the field of natural resources preservation. Formed in 1967, the group is recognized as a center for excellence in Ecology.

Because of its large and comprehensive program, the GGE offers its students unparalleled diversity and depth in course work and research opportunities. Students begin their GGE experience with the week-long Odyssey, an extraordinary tour of UC Davis' impressive array of directly-managed water and land resources. When course work begins, areas of emphasis can include human ecology, math biology, restoration ecology, integrative ecology, marine ecology, ecotoxicology and many more.

Upon graduation, alumni stand ready to attain some of ecology's most exciting positions. GGE has alumni placed in over 85 universities worldwide as well as on the staffs of virtually every natural resource managing agency in the federal government (Fish and Wildlife, Forest Service, Geological Survey, NOAA Fisheries, National Parks, EPA and others), the California state government (Fish and Game, Water Resources, Air Resources, Food and Agriculture, EPA, Energy Commission, etc.), private conservation organizations (Nature Conservancy, etc.) and innumerable environmental consulting and biotech companies.