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Ecology Graduate Student Association (EGSA)

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The Ecology Graduate Student Association is the student-run arm of the UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology (GGE). The mission of EGSA is to support our students and represent them to the GGE, the university, and the world. All students of the GGE are automatically members in EGSA, and meetings are held 1-2 times per quarter to discuss student issues ranging from funding and mentorship to outreach and social activities. EGSA has a rich tradition of engaging the GGE student body and broader community through events such as the Graduate Student Symposium in Ecology, the Mardi Gras charity ball, and Picnic Day. We also serve as a platform to support student initiatives, enhance research communication, and give GGE students a voice in the Graduate Student Association.

At the EGSA website you'll find a variety of student resources including blogs, publication lists, guides to courses and much more. Please visit the site for more information and to find out how you can become involved as a student in the GGE!

Other Student Resources

Dissertation and Thesis Guidelines (pdf) (2011)

Ecology Degree Requirements (pdf) (2011)

Qualifying Exam Instructions (pdf) (2011)

Ecology Bylaws (pdf) (2011)

Guide to Matriculation to Candidacy (pdf) (2011)

Guidelines for Dissertation Proposal (pdf) (2011)

Forms via the Web

Student Fees

Student Salaries (pdf)

UC Davis Office of Graduate Studies

Career Resources

  • Writing a Statement of Research Interests for an Academic Position: Science Magazine's Next Wave website has a Toolkit page that contains some articles that address this and related topics to some extent. They also have a Postdoc network listserv page that has other links to postdoc organizations that might be helpful.

On Being a Successful Graduate Student in the Sciences

Archived Guidelines

Dissertation Guidelines (pdf) (2000)

Ecology Degree Requirements (pdf) (2007)

Qualifying Exam Instructions (pdf) (2005)

Ecology Bylaws (pdf) (2004)